Shocked by Other Electricians' High Prices?

Shocked by Other Electricians' High Prices?

We're positive we charge some of the lowest electrical troubleshooting rates in Mesa, AZ

When electricians charge an arm and a leg for electrical troubleshooting, it's no wonder Mesa, AZ area homeowners prefer resolving their electrical issues themselves. You can quit troubleshooting your system now that you've discovered Click Electric.

We can find out why you're experiencing...

  • Dead outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Isolated power outages

Call 480-200-9617 now to get a free electrical troubleshooting estimate.

Make the switch to Click Electric

Maybe you've been putting off tasks like outlet repairs because you haven't found an affordable service provider in the Mesa, AZ area. Well, now you've found Click Electric - it's time to make an appointment.

We've got the skills required to...

  • Locate faulty underground wiring
  • Make light switch and outlet repairs
  • Replace malfunctioning circuit breakers and dimmer switches
  • Put in ground-fault circuit interrupters, appliance receptacles, circuits and wiring

Contact us at any time to get budget-friendly electrical services.